Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Women of Camp Sobingo

Seattle, WA, May 9, 2008—Vanilla Heart Publishing is pleased to announce the
Public Release of Marilyn Celeste Morris’ The Women of Camp Sobingo in honor of military wives and mothers around the world, from far-flung outposts to big city complexes filled with children and military families on the move.

The Women of Camp Sobingo shares the story of four women; friends who share the life of army wives in a strange land, with husbands who serve. Raising children, making do, enduring hardships, these women survive - all but one...

There really was a Camp Sobingo, located outside the capitol city of Seoul, South Korea at the end of WWII. This military compound’s cookie-cutter “quarters” was home to the women and children who joined their Army officer husbands during the US Occupation.

The camp had a school, a post exchange, a dispensary, a commissary, and even a movie theatre (think “MASH”). Ever-present, however, was the military presence, both Korean and our own US forces and the tyranny of the Russians located across the 38th parallel, who merely annoyed the dependents with their random denial of electricity to the American contingent.

Most of the Americans had deployed to other assignments before June 25, 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. Those remaining escaped safely, but “The Land of the Morning Calm” would never be the same.

Vanilla Heart Publishing, of Seattle, Washington, will be hosting the online book release launch party for author Marilyn Celeste Morris and her novel, The Women of Camp Sobingo, on Flag Day, June 14th, 2008 from 5 pm (Central time) until 9 pm. That’s four great hours and four great drawings, plus giveaways, coupons and free shipping for autographed copies of The Women of Camp Sobingo. with a double discount in the bookstore during the launch party. The Online Book Release Launch Party is open to the public.

Vanilla Heart Publishing is donating $1 per copy sold between Mother’s Day, 2008 and Flag Day Launch Party to the Overseas Schools Historical Society, to further their efforts in the preservation of this important part of our history.
A professionally produced book trailer for The Women of Camp Sobingo is available on Vanilla Heart Publishing's website. Visit the secure shopping bookstore at

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