Tuesday, November 07, 2006

U.S. Coast Guard Online History Roster

The U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Association is trying to gather information about former and current Coast Guard Aviators to create an on-line history repository. What is needed is some basic information and then some special information about awards that aviators received.

Aviator information can be added on-line or can be submitted using the form that can be printed from that page.

The History website also features a "Roll of Valor" where each aviator who has received a medal for valor has his citation available for viewing and printing. Unfortunately, a copy of the citations for all the medals that were awarded have not been located or sent in to the website. We ask that if your parent received a medal ranking from the Coast Guard Silver Life Saving Medal and higher, please have them send a copy of the citation to us or do it for them. A xerox copy of the write up is all that is needed; as we do the rest. Please send the citation to:

Captain Charles Hahn
616 Sea Castle Ct.
Wilmington, NC 28412

Any contributions of a historical interest can be sent to us to place in the repository. If you make a copy that is fine or if you want the original back, we will care for it and return it. In the event that the original is not wanted back, then it will be copied into the digital repository and then the fabric (paper, document, publication, photo, etc.) will be saved for inclusion in the Coast Guard Historical Archives in Washington DC.

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